Our goal at is to take you "behind the scenes" of music. In the case of "The Architects of Music", Larry Rapchak shows how great composers use form, structure or architecture to create their masterpieces. In "The Life and Music of Beethoven," John Tibbetts provides an overview of the great composers life and music. (I especially recommend the opening three minutes of Episode two, which is quite moving.) And in "The World of Robert Schumann," Tibbetts has created what I consider to be the best audio portrait of a classical composer ever created. By the way, the four composer drawings in our Gallery are by John and they're for sale in a variety of formats from mugs to tee shirts.

In case you're wondering, the illustration at the top of the home page is by the brilliant artist, Victor Juhasz (pronounced: who-hahz) and is available for purchase in the Gallery.

I hope you enjoy the programs on Remember, some of the programs are free and you can audition the first three minutes of all the programs.

Finally, please feel free to send us an email. You can use the form on the Website or write directly to me:


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